The illusion of a sibling…

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I have always had a sibling.. it’s just that they change every day.  It’s my mom when I play with her, my dad when I fight with him, my friends when we get into mischief.
The constant sibling in my life though, forever, will be Dennis.  He came into my life when I was 9 years old and was with me till I was 19.  I never missed having a sibling after that. (Not that I ever stopped doing other stuff.. especially fighting with Dad.. I enjoyed exasperating him!)
If anybody called him a dog, he would get mad.  He had the illusion of himself as the SON of the house and expected the rights and privileges of the same.  If a rule is established for him, it defaults to moi as well.
He would instigate other dogs for a fight and then hide behind my mom’s skirt for protection.  She would have to end up chasing them away.  So is he an illusion of a dog?
When we took him for walks, he used to get tired and refused to budge.  I would end up carrying him and walking (defeats the whole purpose of walking, don’t ya think?).
I used to put him in a cradle and rock, dressed him in undershirt and underpants, carried him around like a baby (he used to hold onto me for his dear life).  Now y’all know I had a crazy childhood that can account for the crazy adult I am now.
He was my faithful sidekick.   I used to ride him like a tiger with an umbrella in my hands yelling SHE MAN and the Masters of the Universe…

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