A Local Immigrant

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Where are you from?

I get that question a lot. “I am a Florida local”, I answer.

“No, where are you REALLY from?”

I want to say, ‘why would I lie to you’, but then I understand what the question really meant and being the kind person that I am….I choose to make them happy, I answer ‘India’….even though I am an American citizen….and love the local restaurants…..and the local beaches….and have American children. My son comes back from school and asks me ‘Why do they ask me where I am from?’ I could have taught him to stand his ground that he was a local, however, a little spark in me would not let me deny my child of belonging to both worlds.

When we visit India next, I make sure he travels by the auto rickshaws, eats street food, uses the local telephone booths. He is thrilled…needless to say he wants to be Indian now. And I tell him, he is half American and half Indian, that he is a global citizen.

We have enough borders, religions and races as it is. It is time for us to assimilate and learn to think and live globally. We are all members of the same family called humanity first.


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