Broken System

With a million dreams, I adopted this beautiful country,
Never doubting for a second, the hope, the dreams, the freedom would turn into fear.
Fear, a hidden forbidden feeling none of us accept as our own,
Yet I felt it on my way to dropping my kids to school, on the last day of this year.
The morning news reported a couple of 14-year olds arrested for threatening
to shoot up their friends, their teachers, the quiet and the funny ones,
your kid, my kid, the coach who pushed my kid to achieve, the friend who shared his lunch with mine.
The teachers who show up with a brave face every day in spite of this fear, to teach our daughters and sons.
This ridiculous broken system expects us to act as ninjas, to fight, rather than to prevent.
What chance has a 10-year old against these faceless automated monsters?
For those who love your rights so much, do these children not have a right to live?
Is your outrage not greater than the hatred and the bigotry and the politics?
I am just a mother, all I can do is voice. I do not want to be afraid to send my kids to school, is that too much to give?

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About Me

Being a mom, and the love of someone’s life is all the inspiration I need to write, dream and live. I live in Dallas, TX and am also living an immigrant’s dream in the software world in my routine life. However, the best time of my life is spent blogging and writing with my team of sons.

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