As our lives get muddled with mundane things,

Getting chaotic by the minute,

With tantrum throwers, food flingers, and dirty diapers

The beautiful memories created flit by unnoticed, while the chores and stress seem infinite.

Wish you had just captured time in your fist, never to let go.

Wish you had written down every time they put a smile on you, just simply being childish……

Wish you knew the moments that turned your life around, for better or for worse who cares, it will still be perfectly beautiful…..just simply being motherish……

This is dedicated to all the hard-working, back-breaking parents raising beautiful human beings. Just to make sure we do not get so lost in being perfect parents that we forget creating the memories that will shape our kids’ futures. Have fun while you are at it, believe me, your kids are your best friends. I am a working mother of 2 boys.. My son and I share a common love for writing. We wanted to share our take on our days as dateless diaries. It is not going to make anybody’s life better or worse. We just hope it puts a smile on your face as you share it with your kids. My son follows my entry with his own. And it makes my day :). Add your own stories, we all have a story to tell.