Neglect me not!


“Avi, wash your face?”

“I did mom”

“Last I heard, people still used water and soap, not hand sanitizer to wash. And change your clothes…”

“I hardly wore them for a week….they are cool.”

We all get into this banter with our Tweens. I am supposed to head out to dinner, for a change, to a place where they didn’t serve on trays….well I do wish now we had gone to Burger King rather than to these fancy places.

What’s the opposite of pamper – neglect? Some of us do not like to acknowledge some  sections of society are neglected…so let us just say some privileged people in society are pampered more than others. For instance, the lady at the reception takes it up as her job profile to find and pamper those who she would like to wait lesser, treated better, respected. I guess it’s not her fault…how is she supposed to guess you make 200/hour if you don’t spend money grooming your hair.

So…after giving us this look like we haven’t showered for a week, she went on to say she would text us when a table becomes available.

“Ummm…you need my number?”

“Yes, yes” she hits some keys.

After noticing some 20 + empty tables offered to walk-ins, I ask her again. She says she tried to text/find me.

“I was right there…anyway…what’s the number you have for me?”

She scrolls through her waiting list, unable to find my name nor my number. Strange, huh?

Well….everything happens for the good….now my Tween has learnt the valuable lesson in life that he needs to dress like a million dollars, who cares if he is on honor roll or the pride of his family. That he will be judged by the color of his skin and his iPhone version, who cares if he will be the future President of this fancy restaurant or of this country.

When a monument of death, is a distraction of a lifetime.

Ooh, Shiny!


The illusion of a sibling…

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I have always had a sibling.. it’s just that they change every day.  It’s my mom when I play with her, my dad when I fight with him, my friends when we get into mischief.

The constant sibling in my life though, forever, will be Dennis.  He came into my life when I was 9 years old and was with me till I was 19.  I never missed having a sibling after that. (Not that I ever stopped doing other stuff.. especially fighting with Dad.. I enjoyed exasperating him!)

If anybody called him a dog, he would get mad.  He had the illusion of himself as the SON of the house and expected the rights and privileges of the same.  If a rule is established for him, it defaults to moi as well.

He would instigate other dogs for a fight and then hide behind my mom’s skirt for protection.  She would have to end up chasing them away.  So is he an illusion of a dog?

When we took him for walks, he used to get tired and refused to budge.  I would end up carrying him and walking (defeats the whole purpose of walking, don’t ya think?).

I used to put him in a cradle and rock, dressed him in undershirt and underpants, carried him around like a baby (he used to hold onto me for his dear life).  Now y’all know I had a crazy childhood that can account for the crazy adult I am now.


He was my faithful sidekick.   I used to ride him like a tiger with an umbrella in my hands yelling SHE MAN and the Masters of the Universe…

Baby Diaries

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Work from home is best for a mother…

Well..Noooo..It drives me nuts (to say the truth). My 2.5-year-old baby thinks it’s mommy’s holiday because she is at home and asks if mommy really has to work. She expects ‘mommy commitment’…I better take it seriously…who cares about a job right! So she wonders if we can do a bit of shopping, go on a play date and to top it off, a choo choo train ride would definitely be nice.  When mommy says she needs to get work done and how about we go after that in the evening? She takes it upon herself to help me out by walking all over my laptop. 🙂 

Breakfast time is fun…

Not so for mommy.. constant threats, bribes and tears on both sides of the table…then out of nowhere a beautiful hug and a kiss from the baby..… instant diffusing of my ticking time bomb.

Puter and Carter…

My baby likes to emulate me, so she is mommy most of the times and walks around with a laptop which she calls “Puter” and a baby doll which she calls “Carter.” I am surprised I am already a grandmom!! Double commitment!


(Don’t ask me why Carter is wearing pink or if she is wearing pink – why she is called “Carter.”)


Love the bath time with my baby. It’s always fun after I manage to get her into the tub. Getting her in is a struggle (well, let’s not talk about that, that will take 5 blogs!). Amid the bubbles we have Carter in the tub for a washing as well, (thank god I hid Puter in time) of course, as my baby is the Mommy – she is really serious about doing her MOMMY DUTIES right.